About NHS Global Corp

NHS Global Corp. is headquartered, managed and controlled in Barbados and enables the company to serve worldwide customers in a highly-efficient manner.

NHS Global Corp functions as a full-service global distribution company, that contracts with labs in the USA to manufacture the products it distributes worldwide.

U.S. distribution is handled by NHS Global Distributors, Inc., which functions as a non-exclusive distributor for NHS Global Corp..

NHS Global Corp. and NHS Global Distributors, Inc. work very efficiently together, making use of an in-house call center, fulfillment center and proprietary e-commerce software.

Additionally, NHS Global Corp. has both an in-house production team, which produces TV infomercials in English and Spanish; as well as an in-house ad agency, which buys media for TV and Radio.

The rapid growth of NHS Global Corp. is attributed to it's unique product line of ultra high quality health supplements, with very competitive pricing, coupled with excellent customer service and innovative in-house support services.